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Captain: Ian

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Secretary: John

Tele    4471 1266

Treasurer: Tracey
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Rob Geraghty




Meeting nights

1st Tuesday of each month

6:00pm - 7:30pm

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2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month 6:00pm - 7:30pm


Top of Reservoir Rd,
Malua Bay
(off George Bass Drive)



About Us

The Malua Bay Rural Fire Brigade is an “urban interface” brigade made up of committed volunteers who respond to house fires, bush fires and motor vehicle accidents particularly in the suburban areas of Lilli Pilli, Malua Bay, Rosedale, Guerilla Bay and surrounds. We also regularly conduct thoughtfully planned Hazard Reduction Burns to protect the community from fire, being sensitive to and to retain biodiversity in our area as well as to diminish the impact of future bush fire threats.

The description of the brigade as an "urban interface" brigade means that there are significant mixing of bush land and dwellings in an urban like environment. We also have portions of the brigade area that are larger holdings either rural or semi rural. So we locally have the whole array of response challenges for a rural brigade. In general terms 30% of our area is urban type.

The brigade has more than 3,000 rate assessments in its area and this number is rapidly growing with the upsurge in subdivisions - that is potential land owners. We believe that nearly 60% of these are absentee landowners (either infrequently used holiday homes or rental properties). Except for two small areas (wetlands) our area has been classified as "fire prone land" by the Council. This classification has added building standards for new or renovated homes and shows the extra challenges we will face in controlling a local fire.

Our brigade is trying to give our land owners a sense of who we are, what we do, the structure of the RFS, how decisions are made and where they can get information from. Also through this we want to raise awareness and give owners and occupiers an understanding of contemporary knowledge about getting ready for the fire season as well as general safety issues should a fire eventuate.

Developing a community engagement strategy is an ongoing priority for us, in addition to this web page we put out an annual newsletter, make community presentations, attend gathers of owners if invited, hold at least one "Get Ready Day" during each year leading up to the fire season and maintain a face book presence.

The web page is continually being developed and we would really like your comments on whether there are things that could be added to make it more relevant to your needs, areas that could be expanded or simply to tell us we have hit the mark with what is on there. Our e-mail address is


Seasonal Focused Information


There are two distinct alert seasons for the Malua Bay Rural Fire Brigade and to make this website reflect that and be fully worthwhile, no matter what season, we have established two information threads from this page the first and most important is the summer high risk thread where the brigade has to be ready to respond to open area fires very quickly. The second season thread is the winter months when we cover more urban issues locally, support other agencies, get ready for next season and help residents prepare their properties for the next fire season. Acknowledging these quite distinct seasonal differences our emphasis changes. The links to these branches are:



Keep Informed


One of the important things you need to do primarily during the fire season but year round is to keep informed of weather conditions, emergency alerts and changing updates as they happen. We offer a cluster of websites that we have called Alert Watch to assist you to quickly assess the prevailing conditions and their impact on fire potential and intensity. These are sites that will give you up to date information on the fire situation, fire declarations, emergency announcements and a quick means to follow developing weather conditions. It is worth becoming familiar with these updates and how they change before the fire season arrives.


Have a Plan

Bush fires are a natural part of the Australian environment and occur regularly, but many people fail to prepare for them. When threatened by bush fires, people will often leave it too late to make critical decisions and often have few safe options left.



The Rural Fire Service's web page has excellent information on things you should consider, things you should do to prepare and also how to respond to a fire situation. You can access this information through this (Link) to their site. Watch the short videos they have really useful information. There is more detailed information in the "summer high risk" and "winter months" threads links above.  

Join Us

There is a job for everbody locally in the Rural Fire Service, whether it on the fire front or crital support roles behind the scenes. Do not be put off because you do not think you can manage the physical challenges of getting in the truck. Experience in adminstration, radio controls or organisational matters are always being sought.


Interested in joining, you are welcome to drop into the shed on either the 1st, 2nd or 4th Tuesday of the Month at 6pm. Also see our "Brigade Members" section and our "Join Us" section by clicking on the navigation bar on the top left hand side of this page for more details.

Current Update



Attention!         Attention!


The Far South Coast District Office of the RFS has issued a directive, effective immediately, to all brigades in its area (and this includes the Malua Brigade area) that no fire permits can be issued until further notice. This directive is made in response to the expected high fire danger for the duration of the summer season.


Updated November 2018