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Items of Interest

In this section we will be storing a library of topics that have been dealt with on the home page under the heading "items of interest" The selection as it grows will show the finer details of possibly little know areas that the Malua Bay Rural Fire Brigde look after.

The first of these relates to one aspect of available water resources that the bridge is critically dependent on. Other soyrces of water may swimming pools, large water tanks and property dams.



Fire Hydrants are Important

In October 2013 brigade members started a review of the readiness of all fire hydrants in the Malua Bay Brigade area to ensure that should there be a fire threat in your immediate area that we know not only where the hydrants are but also whether they are working properly. A year later we concluded those inspections and are now revisiting those hydrants that had issues. As we went we found some buried under landscaping or covered by shrubs and several buried under driveways. As fire hydrants are important to protect houses and property it would be really helpful if owners could know where the nearest hydrant is to them and that it is properly marked.

It is important to understand that fire hydrants are the brigades main source of water in the immediate vicinity of your property and knowing where they are can mean the difference between saving a property or struggling. When we arrive at a fire and start attacking the fire we have at best 5 minutes of water under full discharge from the truck. Connecting to the hydrants quickly are critical and your knowledge of where hydrants are can help us at those times.

A fire hydrant is identified by a blue cats eye marker on the road, along with a yellow arrow on the road pointing to the hydrant which is usually below ground under a yellow coloured cover. The fire hydrant is a direct fire fighting access to the Council reticulated water supply so they are only available in built up areas.

If you could look around your area and see where the hydrant is and if you have doubts about whether it is working send us an e-mail ( indicating where it is, what the street address is and what your concern is - we will then include that hydrant in our inspection regime.

Maybe you could adopt a hydrant and tell us where it is and keep an eye on it for us.

The brigade would like to acknowledge the great response we have received from the Eurobodalla Shire Works Staff in responding to repairs as we advise them of concerns. Great job guys, we could not ask for more!










Update May 2015