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Each year, around September, the brigade issues a newsletter that has either been sent by post or delivered to each property in the brigade area. The aim of this communication is to alert everyone to the coming fire danger season and expected weather conditions. The newsletters also gives advice on things to look at as you prepare your dwellings and property for the coming season. Additionally we let you know how the brigade has been operating over the last year.

In this section we have included links to a copy of past newsletters to offer a long term perspective of the changes over the years. It interestingly highlights some of the consistent issues that confront us in each fire danger period. The links to each newsletter is set out below. To return to this page after you have looked at the newsletter you simply need to press the "backspace" button on your key board.

PDF Copies of Newsletters

2008 Newsletter

2009 Newsletter

2010 Newsletter - no newsletter was created this year

2011 Newsletter

2012 Newsletter

2013 Newsletter

2014 Newsletter


2015 Newsletter


2016 Newsletter


2017 Newsletter


2018 Newsletter

Updated March 2018